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[Mula kaliwa: DWIZ Station Manager Ely Aligora; Lolly Acosta; dating kalihim ng DOH Janette P. Loreta Garin; Usec. Robert T. Rivera (dating Undersecretary ng Press Office); at, ang kanyang anak na si Stan Rivera.]

Isang kagimbal-gimbal na pangyayari ang sinapit ng ating mga kababayang OFWs lalong-lalo na ang ating mga kapatid na Muslim na nagtratrabaho sa gitnang silangan. Ang kanilang perang binabayad pala sa kanilang pagpapa-medical check-up bago mag apply ng trabaho patungong abroad ay maaring ginamit ng mga terroristang ISIS upang pondohan ang kanilang paghahasik na lagim sa Minadano.

Ang sapilitang pagpapa medical check-up ng mga OFWs sa mga klinikang dinidikta ng mga recruitment agencies ay matagal nang pinatigil ng batas. Nguni't bakit ito'y nasagawa pa rin na hindi na-monitor ng Department of Health ay dapat masusing imbestigahan.  Ito'y binunyag ng dating Kalihim ng Department of Health na si Kagalang-galang na Janette P. Loreta Garin.  Tunghayan ang panayam ni Usec. Robert T. Rivera at Lolly Acosta kay dating Kalihim Garin:

Mapapanood ang buong panayam ni Usec. Robert T. Rivera at Lolly Acosta saan mang dako ng mundo sa Pilipinas Ngayon Na!  DWIZ tuwing Lunes at Miyerkules 12:30 hanggang 1:30 ng hapon. Inyong tunghayan!  Laging tutukukan ang mga balita, kuro-kuro at makabuluhang panayam nila Usec. Rivera at Lolly Acosta sa mga piling panauhin, tumutok sa:


Tuesday, June 6, 2017



[From left: Lolly R. Acosta; Usec. Robert T. Rivera; Tourism Assistant Secretary, Office for Public Affairs and Special Projects, FREDERICK ALEGRE; DWIZ Chair EDGAR A. CABANGON;  HRH SULTAN SHARIF IBRAHIM, Sulatn of Mindanao, Tribal Prime Minister, Mindanao; former COMELEC Commissioner ATTY. LARRY GADON; and, Citizens Crime Watch Representative WILLY QUITONGCO)

Pilipinas Ngayon Na!,  a Television Show at NBN PTV-4 hosted by former Deputy Secretary for Operation, Press Office, Office of the President and former President of RPN-9, Robert T. Rivera,  is now back on air! The program is being broadcasted worldwide LIVE! via livestream at DWIZ Facebook page and redistributed here and abroad at the Facebook page of Pilipinas Ngayon Na!  It is also linked to the different group pages in facebook and other social media sites, such as, Robert T. Rivera ON LINE! the personal blogsite of Usec Robert T. Rivera, which has been in existence for more than a decade.

With Lolly R. Acosta, President of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Press Corp and former Host of Balitaan sa Aloha, the tandem, both veteran journalist, broadcaster and media personality for more than three decades,  delivers the day's hot news and issues being lively discussed on air for both Filipinos and foreign listeners and viewers worldwide to know the latest news, development and issues that confronts the Philippines.

During its pilot broadcast on June 5, 2017, the program discussed the present security concerns and its effect on the  tourism industry, it likewise tackles the issue concerning the proposed amendment to the Philippine Constitution for a shift from presidential to a federal form of government.  Among the guests were: HRH SULTAN SHARIF IBRAHIM, Sultan of Mindanao, Tribal Prime Minister, Mindanao; former COMELEC Commissioner ATTY. LARRY GADON; and, Tourism Assistant Secretary, Office for Public Affairs and Special Projects, FREDERICK ALEGRE.

Watch how Usec. Robert T. Rivera and Lolly Acosta with their guests lively discussed the issues and shares their views.  PILIPINAS NGAYON NA!



Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trece Martires: A Historical Film?

According to a review by Variety Edition, U.S.,  “one of the most expensive and highest-grossing Filipino films of all time, “Heneral Luna” is a rousing, warts-and-all portrait of Gen. Antonio Luna, the brilliant and brusque strategist whose command of troops in the Philippine-American War (1899-1902) was cut short by betrayal from within his own ranks. Anchored by a charismatic central performance by John Arcilla (“Metro Manila”) and peppered with exciting action sequences, the pic has the all-around energy to overcome the odd moment of bumpy storytelling and prosaic dialogue.  A worthy official submission in the foreign-language Oscar race and an entertaining history lesson for audiences everywhere, “Luna” reps an impressive achievement in large-scale filmmaking by prolific scripter-helmer-editor-composer Jerrold Tarog (“If Only,” 2007). Launched locally on Sept. 9, the pic grossed a whopping $5.3 million and has notched an impressive $200,000 on limited U.S. screens since October 30, 2015.”

Can there be a remake of stories of such kind that shall hit the film industry?  Antonio Luna’s success only proves that Filipinos here and abroad and even foreigners are interested to know the perspectives of Philippine History from the periphery.  What really happened in the past?  Later on other productions attempted to produced historical films, such as Aguinaldo and Bonifacio, in the hope of hitting the box office to equal or even surpass Antonio Luna’s record.  However, it turned out to be just any other ordinary film.  Maybe because the life story of Aguinaldo and Bonifacio are already well-publicized.  This only drives us to a conclusion that what the public are interested to view is something new, stories that were not yet produced in the box office.  Stories such as “Trece Martirez”?   

Maybe this could revive the film industry and at the same time preserve our national history for educational purpose.  The fact there were some youths who were not aware that Mabini is a polio victim   and raised questions about the other characters in the film Antonio Luna, only goes to show that the youth are not fully aware how did the 1896 revolution came about and who were the characters in the periphery. 

Mayor Melandres de Sagun of Trece Martirez, Cavite [4th from left] with Film Director Moises Lapid [3rd from left].

Friday, July 15, 2016

The 2016 FAMAS Awards Night Production Meeting

The Red Carpet Grand Entrance of the Stars to the 2016 FAMAS Awards Night!

The main organizers of the 20016 FAMAS Awards Night recently conducted its production meeting at Dulcenia Restaurant along Tomas Morato in Timog, on July 15, 2016 at 4:00 in the afternoon.  Among those present were, from right:  1 Usec Robert T. Rivera, Assistant Producer 2016 FAMAS Awards Night, Executive Committee Member and  Chairman of the Press Relations and Promotions Committee, 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, President of Pilipinas Ngayon Na! Production; 2 Ms. Elaine Lozano, Events Management and Marketing Group, 2016 FAMAS Awards Night; 3 & 4 Che and Eloy Padua, President and Chairman of the Board, respectively, FAMAS Awards; and, representative from the media.

Usec. Robert T. Rivera, segment producer of the Red Carpet Grand Entrance of the Stars for the 2016 FAMAS Awards Night mentioned that the promotion of the  “Red Carpet Grand Entrance of the Stars” shall be launched on August 14, 2016 at the 2nd Anniversary of Picture Perfect Photography Group’s event: “The Wedding Entourage, an Open Photoshoot Photo Contest“ to be held at the Amphi Theater of the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.     The event, which shall be attended by more than two hundred  photographers, models, children and parents, frequenting the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife for the photo shooting session was sponsored by RCA Digitech Inc., Make-Up Madness - Philippines, Ariel Seña Andaya Haute Couture with Kodak Philippines as their major sponsor.

Usec. Robert T. Rivera welcomes the support of the the photographers as partners of the entertainment industry to promote Filipino produced films through the social media.  While he recognizes the contribution of digital photographers and artists, with the social media as their medium, he also mentioned: "let us not forget the importance of prime prints to preserve momentous events in everyone's lives, which can be displayed in our respective homes and offices to keep the memory alive as a living witness of our past to inspire the future generation of artists."    

(Mr. Jerome Nicdao, Country Manager of Kodak Philippines in light blue shirt with Ogie Almonina, owner of RCA Digital Inc. and President of the Photo Store Owners Association in Hidalgo, Quiapo, Manila with the representative of Pilipinas Nagayon Na! Production)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

What is Love?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Usec. Robert Escaped Near Death! A Miracle!

God is good all the time! "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"(Jeremiah 29:9). How Usec. Robert escaped near death? Hear it from him personally.

The Workings of the Press Operation (2005-2008)

The Workings of the Press Operation (2005 - 2008) 
Usec. Robert T. Rivera

Usec. Robert T. Rivera is not only a God fearing person, but patriotic as well. He sets aside personal biases to serve higher interest and remains apolitical even to this day. Although he served under PGMA as a Deputy Secretary for Operations under Press Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye, Usec. Robert is a friend to everybody regardless of political affiliation or social status in life. Covering his events in his public, private life and in his unguarded moment for the past ten years, is a privilege. It was a decade ago, just after his youngest son was baptized, the country was in near chaos, the military was divided (some were allegedly preparing for coup d' etat, while others were proposing a military junta), political unrest is brewing. Then VP Noli De Castro neither have the political nor military backing or the popularity to take the place of PGMA in case of anarchy, to control the situation. On the other hand, President Estrada Erap have just been removed from office via people power revolution. President Estrada's return to power is unacceptable to the military, Meanwhile everytime PGMA appears in the news, the more the people react negatively. The Hello Garci Tape Scandal hits the headline. Fifteen (15) of GMA's cabinet men resigned. But, who shall take over the Presidency? Ultra rightist group in the military was allegedly forging unholy alliance with the left to overthrow the administration at whatever cost, while other military officers including retired generals are proposing a military junta. Adding fuel to the fire were the politicians insisting that PGMA should resign since move to oust her through impeachment failed. Despite mass resignation of cabinet members, Usec. Rivera stayed behind with his boss, then Press Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye. The government must have a mouthpiece to appease the nation in times of chaos and anarchy. President Fidel V. Ramos appeared at PTV-4 in the show of Usec. Robert, advocating to amend the Constitution and let the people decide whether to shorten the term of PGMA to break the impasse and provide a peaceful solution. The rest was history.